Tuesday 27 January 2009

Predators And Sycophants (PAS)

Canadian mother loses custody of 3 girls for alienating them from father . . .

So the news items read - in various newspapers. I receive this via various alerts I have- alerts that search the Web for reports on : sexual assaults/abuse and domestic violence. Often, both report the same - -event. That's because the two- sexual abuse of children and beating up of the mother are statistically significant- they are linked. As is bestiality.And other forms of animal abuse.

As it is in Canada- I decide to read it. Dear god- it is in Ontario- essentially next door-I am flooded with emails from mothers I know- who have lost custody of their children-to the child/woman abuser. Most of our stories are the same- as though we had all cloned- or- been published by a psychopathic author- write one vicious story- print thousands of copies.

I can only make one comment/opinion-on the basis of the news reports- my reaction is probably the same as- thousands and thousands of reasonable people- What on earth did she DO to the children- to have them ripped away from her like this ? I decide I must carefully read the judgement before passing my own judgement.

Ontario Superior Court of Justice A.G.L. v. K.B.D. January 16,2009.
Court file no: 99-FP-246860FIS

So are our lives reduced to letters and numbers. Black marks on white paper.Carving on a tree.

As I read-the old familiar sick feelings start to turn my limbs to jelly. Flashback. After reporting sexual abuse of my children to ALL the authorities imaginable- and nothing happened-except -maybe two ? visits from a social worker-I realized that only I was interested in protecting my children. So I sought divorce. Tiny girls going on their court ordered visit ( I had temporary custody)The youngest in my arms- where she leapt-climbed- screaming no no -and then "Do I have to go" -Yes.Why ? Because the judge said so.The to-be x screaming at me (usual) You brainwashed them (what ? ) I didn't know then, that there are people who will not believe any police report or medical report -or the child- or- I presume- any victim of any age that has experienced sexual or other violence. x rips her out of my arms. Ever notice how helpless and hopeless are virtually the same ???

Shake off the memory -go back to judgement. The judge is quoting pages and pages of psychobabble-it reads the same as all the psycho reports I have read from all the mothers who were beaten and/or reported the sexual abuse of their children-(they all lost custody)

I often imagine certain psychologists sitting in offices- a "case" comes in- mother reported sexual abuse of children- Psychologist pushes a button- out prints the same psychobabble- i.e.- ALL mothers who report sexual abuse by the child's father- are automatically labeled alienators- so all one has to do- as a certain kind of psychologist- is- push a button- print out the same psychobabble- change names and dates- and -bingo ! Diagnosis of alienation.

I hadn't yet learned that there were people out there- pushing this sick nonsense. I hadn't yet learned that some-many? of these-psychologists are members of pedophile groups-and often, also,so-called father's rights groups. Why aren't there CHILDREN'S RIGHTS groups ?????

Back to AGL v. KBD

So far the judgement reads- boringly the same as -hundred's of others. Right down to mentions of sexual abuse- behaviors of the mother that could be interpreted as a mother trying to not expose her children to sexual abuse- etc.(NOT their interpretation - -)

Whoa. Page 18-under sub title Analysis-numbered item 85. A Dr. Fidler (her name is liberally sprinkled all through the judgement-) ;Judge McWatt has written the following: "Filed as exhibit 8A is Chapter 6 of a book she is publishing on the topic entitled"Understanding Child Alienation and Its Impact on Families". For example,she refers,in the book,to the work of Richard Gardner and his term "parental alienation syndrome (PAS).

That's it- those girls are doomed- as is the mother. Doesn't this Fidler person KNOW that Gardner was a pro-pedophile-whose name was linked in some NAMBLA articles with Ralph Underwager ?

And they rip away three girls from the only constant parent in their lives -to quite possibly never see her again- In other words- the law (and common decency) require the reporting of sexual abuse. BUT- if you do- you will be called an alienator-and the victims will be sent to live with their rapist. Same old. Except there are more Fidlers fiddling with our children' s souls. There's money to be made in them ther hills- the present day Gold Rush. Human societies have a history of child sacifice. This is our version.

The judgement has absolutely no credibility. Nor does the father-nor his minions. Oh- I mean - the people he paid. Do the Fidlers of this world KNOW what destruction they cause? Or- don't they give a damn? In one of my many reports (this one on the phone) to the local child protection - people- I actually had the SS (social services) person whisper to me- "don't report sexual abuse-you could lose custody of your children.I believe you- but there are others here - -"

So- SS and Fidlers don't need police reports or hospital or doctor reports or ANYTHING .All they do is : push a button- print out the same -stuff. Bingo.Children destroyed.

I blame the judge less- I don't know if she had any other options- could she have ordered another expertise by a psychologist or other qualified person -to speak with all concerned ? To- investigate ? I don't know.

I absolutely blame Fidler et al. To even MENTION Gardner -she loses all credibility. This creep is not allowed -his opinions (and that's all they are) in the American family courts - nor is he recognized by the American Psychological Association.

We are still in the jungle. The predators still attack the vulnerable- women and their children. At least other predator animals hunt and kill-for food.

And sycophant sounds a lot like the word psychologist. Maybe we need a new word for the followers of pedophile philosophies- psychophants.

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