Tuesday 28 April 2009

P.F. You are Fabulous !!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, April 28, 2009 there is an article by Kirk Makin, justice reporter for the Globe and Mail- that begins on the front page When an 18- year - old man arrived for a birthday dinner at his mother's house . . . . .

More later- BUT this young man and those who were perhaps "with" him- have shown more intelligence and integrity than those proponents of slimy theories that destroy the human soul. To say nothing of the budget. Fidler and others who support invented theories proposed by a pro- pedophilia psychologist - HAH- imagine that- some of us have more intelligence and morality than the whole gaggle of you together.

This young man should be awarded a governor general's medal for service to the community of humans. I am absolutely - re-vitalized- to hear that these children (his younger brothers) and his mother may finally begin to just - -live and work and study- without the spectre of snake oil salesmen out to destroy them.

May the force continue to be with you ,young man ! Heads up lawyers- I would call this a most healthy precedent to be cited.

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  1. The article is entitled: Brainwashing Battle.The young man utterly SLAMS pas/pa. I have another hero.