Saturday 11 April 2009

The Thousands of Years War

Re: A.G.L. v. K.B.D.

Our ancestors- Neanderthal era- functioned for sheer survival, it is said. An alpha male protected the group-and achieved and kept his status only as long as he was effective in physical strength and cunning in his instinctual fight for survival of his species/genes. We see this behavior still, in mammalian species. Successful alphas- wolves, for example, maintain their position as long as they protect and function within the group. They even put up fences- to mark their territory and warn invaders- thus avoiding open conflict-killing each other- as fighting to kill is detrimental to the survival of the species. Rogue males are excluded from the group- no food is shared-and frequently the rejects die of starvation-or from attacks by other rogue wolves.

As evolution continues-and evolves- in our human mammalian species- our treatment of and behavior towards the rogues- the corrupt-the twisted-the rejects, has somehow morphed into an incomprehensible inability to recognize and properly (safely) deal with the predators.

I personally would rather have an alpha male wolf urinate around his territory (the fence), than try to survive an attack of human predators-rogues dressed up in psychology and misogyny.

Ripping children away from the only constant parent they have known- and placing them with an alleged abuser, to me, is beyond utter madness. I am reminded of a documentary I saw this year, showing a rogue(rejected) male chimpanzee, kidnapping a baby from its mother.I fail to see any difference between that filmed episode and what is done to some children, in our society.(The alpha males got him- and got the baby back- the baby died)Sound familiar ?

Instead of raping women and children and looting and pillaging their shelters and food supplies etc.- we do the same- but use words and offensive theories to wreak destruction.

The scorched earth policy of- marauding males in war. Leave nothing standing- especially the women/mothers. Our survival instincts ,in some, have become corrupted,twisted and evil.

What is achieved, is devastation. We are devolving.

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