Friday 3 April 2009

An Old Refrain

With the advent of spring - an old refrain is playing louder. Perhaps some readers will recognize it.

Once upon a time and still - a rape victim often heard or read :

"You shouldn't have gone out with him. You should have known. He thought you wanted it. "

"Didn't you realize you shouldn't have gone to that party ? bar / restaurant ? parking spot ? part of town ? building ? " prom ? "

"Well, anyone who dresses like that, is just asking for it - - leaves a window or balcony door cracked open etc. - should have known better."

"She couldn't have fought back too hard - she can walk and talk. Maybe she invited him in and changed her mind. "

"So- what was she doing leaving the library after dark ? "Why didn't she scream for help ? "

"Well-have you seen the way she walks - talks - smiles - laughs - cracks jokes - etc."

You know - I saw her drink a glass of wine at her birthday party - parents' anniversary party - on the patio with a girlfriend -. She was probably drunk. So what's a guy to think ? "

Place responsibility for the crime - on the victim.

Then we heard: the baby was so cute - it was just his way of expressing love. He didn't realize it would hurt her - change her development - infect her abdomen - kill her from the tearing in the intestine. He thought she was just sleeping.

Then : well- you know how seductive toddlers and children can be. After all, he/she kept wanting to sit on his lap. I mean - really- what's a guy to think ?

And from pedophiles and pro-pedophiles - "Sex before eight or it's too late."

Now - the 6 year old and up can buy thongs - wear what an earlier generation would call "prossie" clothes. Check in the stores in your friendly family mall - check certain dolls - observe some advertisements -

As for teens - well - hey - they are adults - they have adult bodies.

Now - more and more, we hear : she falsely accused me of sexually abusing my kids - she is keeping my kids from me she is alienating my kids - etc. ad nauseum.

Finally - I can't let my kids suffer her trying to protect them from me-after all- they are mine- to do with as I see fit- not her. So I choose to keep them just for me. That will show her. I choose to kill them. If I can't have them, no-one can. They are MINE. Only I can choose what to do to them. She has driven me to this.

I can't live without them. And if some stupid judge listens to her and doesn't understand how she drove me to the brink. I had better join them. It's all her fault. They will see that, after I'm gone.

Any part of this song sound familiar ? It is played daily.

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