Monday 31 August 2009

Chainsaw the Couch

With certain tactics having failed,some groups are now thumping the equal or shared parenting drum. The one that has so miserably failed in Australia. There will be academic discourses, dangerous discourses, silly discourses etc. ad nauseum. I might as well add my voice to the noise before the decibel level becomes excrutiating.

A while back, I read a funny and true saga of a "conflicted" divorce. The two adults (?) involved decided to split everything 50/50- or -a court ordered it. Can't remember. In any case- one sealed off half of the house-moved all clothing etc. I seem to remember it was the husband-but- no matter. Then, he came "home " one day- to find his ex wife sawing the couch in half with a chainsaw. Well- everything got divided 50/50. No-one wrote about how the couch was doing - - -
That is basically my opinion on equal or shared parenting. There's more but- I am sure someone more erudite than I, will say it.

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