Monday 18 January 2010

Infanticide and killing of mothers-so much in the news-

Infanticide (zoology) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I have known for years that mother bears must guard their offspring against adult males and especially against the father-. I have wondered for years WHY humans seem to want to remain oblivious to their past evolution/development. I think when a human father kills the mother of his children, and often, the children also, he is reverting to the dictates of his hardwired instincts that we all carry from our past- eons of time in the past.
So- those who kill their female companions- and/or their children- are -perhaps less evolved and unable to exist -co-exist with other humans in what we fondly and perhaps erroneously think is  our "civilized" society. Some are more- civilized than others !
Time has not allowed me to read every single word of the -Wiki texts- but, first glance shows me that I am not alone in this- observation about the behaviour of some human males-

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