Tuesday 1 December 2009

Fuck Off Shared Parenting

Fuck Off Shared Parenting

This is a hoot- as well as being - "right on". Shared parenting is a l;egal tactic- much like pas .pa nonsense- it has to do with "winning" a case for your client (the more you win- the more you get clients) and absolutely NOTHING to do with humans or human rights. Judges are constrained by the laws- which (in my opinion should NEVER be used when settling custody)

Laws grew out of the perceived need to "protect" property- as in- get that castle and hold onto it- .Applying law in divorce- should only apply to the "castles " and NEVER to the human existence-especially when there are children involved- they are developing.


  1. I have a request to clarify my position.ANY "concept" can and is twisted and used by abusers and their lawyers,in order to gain custody.(therefore-gaining $ ,revenge,victims etc.) It is NOT necessary to write more laws to "push" for what even moderately reasonable parents will have already decided-either on their own-or via mediation. Therefore, advocating shared parenting or pa or pas -ALL these are just fodder for the abusers-who are the ones who continually litigate. One cannot legislate common sense or empathy. I wish it were possible.

  2. Good one on Cold North Wind - it helps a lot!

    We clearly share similar parenting experiences and views.
    I've been reading one that I'm hooked on - http://todayscliche.com/.
    I have a feeling you'd get a lot out of it.

    Incredible job on your blog; keep it up.


  3. Cold North Wind: Actually, one can legislate a rebuttable presumption of shared parenting in divorce cases involving children. And it definitely is necessary. These "even moderately reasonable people" you describe are, apparently, in very short supply, inasmuch as equally shared parenting is quite rare. Instead, the vast majority of cases exhibit a lack of, to use your terms, both moderately reasonable people and laws that would require a fair and equitable solution. Such large numbers -- hundreds of thousands of divorces a year -- cannot possibly all or even mostly involve abusers. In fact, the most common reasons cited by insigators of divorce -- the same people who almost always wind up as primary or sole custodians of children -- are lack of appreciation, lack of communication, feeling unloved and "drifting apart." Given these facts, what is the basis of your opposition to shared parenting?

  4. Similar to throwing a pigeon into the ocean and telling it to swim. While the dolphin mother is swimming around with the young. Forcing something never before done- is ridiculous. Read much ? Don't all the murders of mothers and children- have a place in legal psychobabble ? I know the answer- NO. Ever notice the increase in litigation following the governments' attempts to reduce single mothers' welfare rolls- by forcing child support- I am expressing opinions mostly- on the 2-4% (depending on the researcher) -statistically, as the abusive situations. Know about Australia ? Shared parenting equalled increased kitigation and deaths. Or- don't pushers of this social disaster- shared parenting- give a damn about children ? Guess that's it. Money counts. Human lives do not. In my moral compass- even one death that was avoidable ,had anyone listened- means the "systems" are not working.