Saturday 26 December 2009

Mad Monopoly

Keep hearing about some poor child - brought back to the U.S.- Goldman. It all strikes me as like some kind of Monopoly game for the insane or just downright angry. It sounds like- everyone is talking about property rights- after all- that IS what laws are founded on- so was marriage, come to think of it - -But- Monopoly- it fits. Roll the dice- get born. Move a couple of years, go to Brazil with Mummy and stay with family. Roll the dice, get new baby (step) sister. oh oh- penalty- lose your mother. You may move along for a year or so on the same streets and with the same buildings,houses,schools and family. Dice roll- oh- you thought it was your turn ? No- you only get to -try- when you are 18 or older - -This dice roll- you lose -big time- known family, houses,school,friends etc.- country- language- you get to dump it all and go to another Monopoly game in another country.  I wonder who wins at this game - -anyone ? No-one ?

Seems to me I saw a brief mention a ways back- about a Jean Paul Lacombe- ILLEGALLY kidnapped . Will he get to play Monopoly too ?

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