Friday 11 December 2009

Metro - UOIT assistant professor fights for abused women

Metro - UOIT assistant professor fights for abused women


This researcher has a REAL handle on what is "going on" re: domestic violence-she is working in Canada.

DV is - in my opinion- WOMAN ABUSE. It is the criminal attack on women- perpetrated by a "significant" other- and is part of a PATTERN of abusive behaviour , which not infrequently, ends in death (of the victim. The victims who fight back are often severely punished. What is THAT ????? -(just another part of the insanity)

Further- children in such a relatiuonship are often abused as well. For example, there is a high statistical link between DV and incest- child sexual aggression

PLEASE read and spread around as best you can.

Where are all the "victims/survivors ?? I believe we all could make a dfference if we- first- were in communication with each other- what about anonymous names on -say- Facebook ????????Canadian survivors- because - that's where we are ! And so- need to inform etc. the "systems" - where we are -

The attitudes and psychopathy underlying dv and related crimes are common to ALL groups/cultures/societies- but the laws and "systems" can - vary.

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