Thursday 17 December 2009

  To Kill a - - - - -(not a mockingbird-)

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Well- raping a baby often does kill them. I know of someone who sodomized his own children- the mother thought they were going to die. The perpetrator wouldn't allow the mother to take the infants to hospital (of course) -She didn't- the perp had tried to kill the mother- so she thought she risked death herself if she "disobeyed" and then- the children would have no-one to protect them.This child rapist later got custody of his tiny victims.

No surprise there- all a child rapist/wife beater/ bestiality practicing perp has to do when a mother asks for divorce, is get a pro pedo lawyer and psychologist- and some pro-pedo friends to help- and- bingo- the criminals get custody ! Social services will help a lot, too. They have no knowledge of these -actions-it would seem. They just run with- "the mother is crazy- and/or being mean- " - whatever the perp tells them. Then they push for family reunification. Insane.

Strange to see the name of my ancestors' town - Fermanagh-

I am sure babies died like this in the past- and no-one realized why - - -
Guess one could call that - progress ?????????

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