Tuesday 22 December 2009

DANGERous to the health and welfare of abused children ********

_Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS)

There have always been, and sadly probably always will be, abusers. This despite the increased efforts of many, to protect children.

This group of people are banging the drum of pas /pa again. What is so insidious in this- is the fact that it all sounds- sort of- reasonable to a general public and those who are not informed. In reality, among the "speakers" , one finds some very dubious backgrounds- the kind of background that would make a protective parent run for their lives, clutching their children in their arms.

What has happened to untold numbers -usually of mothers and children, is that a non abusing parent goes for divorce in order to save herself and her children. I'm talking battered women and/or sexually abused children. The children do not want to "visit" their abuser (reasonable, don't you think ?) and the abuser just gets himself a lawyer who is hooked in with certain psychologists and evaluators (so called experts). Using pas/pa- these- lawyers and psychologists etc. will convince a judge (some take less convincing than others) that the mother is alienating. Mother loses custody- raped children go to live with their abuser.

Not all the presenters are - knowingly or otherwise supporting abusers and the annihilation of women and children- I think the mother whose son died, for example- is NOT bent on destruction. But- the track record (often unknown) of most or all of the others- is a record of destruction.

This is posted here as - a BEWARE. Check the backgrounds and history and track record of these so called "experts". Then run the other way - FAST. Run for your life and that of your child. Abusers know about these guys- -non offending parents NEED to know about them. For their sakes and for the sake of the children. It is utterly offensive and repugnant , to someone who is in the know- to see that this- bunch of ideas is being " pushed" on an unsuspecting public.

At least, there is here a list- of "dangerous to the health and welfare of mothers and children" people.
So- take under advisement and do your research. Especially if you are a working mother (can pay the abuser) and if there are any assets that you might have-. Be prepared to lose- everything. Children AND their material inheritance.

I personally know/knew cases of total destruction of mother and children- in one province of Canada. The psychologist most implicated- is on the list of speakers.So called fathers; rights groups support these - persons also. That alone should speak volumes.


  1. Note: 2 spelling/grammar errors on page 1 of their -page- and- count how many are from U.S..Does NOT inspire confidence - - Be careful what we import - -we decline products that are dangerous- we shut down plants with a problem(food) we recall products that are shown to be unsafe- we test toys- BUT humans are not to be used for testing products.(ideas included) There are enough destroyed children aleady from this- abuser excuse idea. This idea (pas/pa) needs a recall and a ban. Now.

  2. Note: MORE errors actually- mixing past and present- mixing first when they mean - second- etc. Do you trust your children's lives with people who cannot even pat attention to an announcement like this ????? If it weren't so dangerous, it would be just -pathetic.