Monday 7 December 2009

Crown seeks acquittal in Joshua case

Crown seeks acquittal in Joshua case

Ironically, this was published on the birthdate of a beloved child. Today, comes the welcome news that Sherry has been totally absolved of ALL blame in her baby's death so many years ago.

This is such a horrendous story (along with many others) Not only did Sherry experience the immeasurable agony of losing a child, but also, social services swooped in and took another son and adopted him out. Further, when she bore another child- social services were all over her like flies feasting on fresh manure.

All of this is analogous to a mother losing custody to an abuser. A baby,child, animal and woman abuser. The community- by and large turns against these mothers- believing the - "experts (read psychologists and social services personnel) - who have decided that she lied, or was "into" false allegations etc.

The end result is the same. Almost, or total , destruction of lives. Needlessly.

Terrible to say- but- at least Sherry did not have to deal with the constant abuses of her "ex" - as happens in custody cases- , nor pay hard earned money to her and her children's abuser- whilst never seeing them-

I can just imagime the hard looks- the set faces and clipped tones of the social workers who came to - -"inspect" her- all of them, I suppose, believing she was an abuser.
Thank goodness for James Lockyear and --- ,who fight with so much success, to right grievous wrongs.

This woman (and others) deserves a medal. An absolute medal. I hope when her "kidnapped" son reaches 18, that he will be allowed to -know the truth of his adoption and who his birth mother is.

If there is a God- and/or attendant angels, I expect them to support and protect James Lockyear for what I hope is a very very long career.
This is a human who walks in grace.

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