Wednesday 30 December 2009

Mothers Global Justice Alliance

Mothers Global Justice Alliance

This is an excellent site- for any wishing to know more about how our children are being destroyed in the contentious divorce cases. The ones where a known woman beater and child sexual aggressor -sues for custody-and gets it. The scenarios described in the book Mothers on Trial- have not abated over the years, they have worsened.

Teachers deal more and more with tormented children and teemagers in the classroom. Society deals with more and more reported violence from young people . Isn't it time the media started to be more responsible ,and investigate and report on this oft hidden social scourge ? I see that S.Montgomery of the Montreal Gazette, has received an award for her print reporting on the sexual abuse of students in school(s) run by the Holy Cross brothers. Bravo and kudos to The Gazette.

Is a psychologist who recommends custody be given to a sexual predator any less guilty ? Is a social worker who recommends custody to a wife beater,bestilaity practicing child sexual agressor, any less guilty ? This -despite police, hospital ,psychiatrist and doctor reports.(and neighbours and priests and day care workers)Is a social worker who receives evidence -ejaculate in a child's underwear-and says-nothing can be done, any less guilty ? Is a Crown Prosecutor who summarily dismisses charges brought by the police, as- just a divorce disagreement- any less guilty ? This kind of scene continues in towns and cities across Canada.

For that matter- what about some bloggers, some roof climbers,some dressup guys and some "journalists" who seem to have decided that all police, doctors and mothers who report (as they must) abuses- are lying ??????????? I find that kind of wilful blindness -incomprehensible. Unless, of course, there are some vested interests. Why would any halfway decent human being, SUPPORT child rapists and woman beaters ? It defies any logic or shred of evolved humanity.

An acquaintance recently brought to my attention-a report on a scientific research on duck vaginas and how ducks have evolved (the females) so that rape is not possible.(duck rape-usual among ducks-)
I used to want to be a bear- in another life-now, I'm thinking- a duck would be good.

(Mother bears know they must protect their young from ranging males-especially the one who impregnated her. It is the way of the bear. No-one prevents them from protecting their young) Seems male bears view the young as rivals for attention, food,and territory. Sound familiar ????????????????

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